Design // UIX

Spotre is a social media app that allows people to find like minded individuals while searching for events. Promoters upload events and users find matches through the event listings.
Tandem Malibu


Logo // Design // UIX // Development

Tandem Malibu is a California based paragliding company specializing in tandem riding. I'm building a brand for them, a web presence that reflects the experience the riders will have.
Jonathan Bar Photo

In Progress

Logo // Design // UIX // Development

Jonathan Bar is an up and coming photographer in need of a new website. I'm using his photos and portfolios to create a flow and architecture that examplifies his style.
Bajibot - truth x Gawker

Escape from Catmageddon

Design // UIX

I worked with Bajibot to create the interface for the upcoming game, Escape from Catmageddon. I used existing assets, and typography to create a layout usable for mobile phones.
Coin Sachs

My startup

Logo // Design // UIX // Development

Coin Sachs is an e-commerce startup of mine working with digital currency. All of the designs, graphics, UI, and some of the development including PHP and server environments were done by myself.
Scalable Networks

Website re-design

Design // UIX // Development

I was contacted by Scalable Networks to re-design their site in a way that could be updatable. I used Drupal, utilizing views to create UI's and layouts for the information architecture.